Diamond Studio Lashes and Brows

SID Spotlight Diamond Studio Lashes and Brows 1653 Irving Street Operating a small business takes clear vision and personal determination. Jackeline (Jacki) Quezada embodies both of these qualities. Attracted to the beauty business from a young age, she began training as a teenager in her sister’s beauty salon in Ecuador. After coming to the […]

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Darkside Industries

SID Spotlight Darkside Industries 1571 Irving Street # 205 Darkside Industries (DSI) slowly evolved out of need for a creative outlet during the pandemic. As many artists found themselves isolated in lockdown, longtime friends Alvin Reaves (Vie) and Markel Pitt, connected with a pod of creative people to share ideas, create music, and generate

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Stas’ Deli

SID Spotlight Stas’ Deli & Meat Market 426 St. Georges Avenue 732-340-1494 Everyone loves a good neighborhood deli, a reliable place to pick up a fresh sandwich, a favorite cheese, or a hard to find delicacy. Stas’ Deli has been a trusted source for specialty meats and sweets reminiscent of Old World recipes for over

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Firehouse Eatery & Pub​

SID Spotlight Firehouse Eatery & Pub 455 St. Georges Avenue | 732-382-9500 It’s hard to miss the mural on the side of the Firehouse Pub as you travel north on St. Georges Avenue. Asked if there is a story behind the mural, owner’s Lyn and Brendan Keogh said that they want their pub to

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SID Spotlight RV 89 East Cherry Street | @r.ventures_ Carlos Trujillo had a good job, but he didn’t like it. Knowing he had to make a change he came up with the crazy idea to fit out an RV and sell sneakers as he roamed and ventured around the region. As he fantasized about

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SID Spotlight WhitPR 1420 Irving Street A common narrative is unfolding about why entrepreneurs choose to invest their talent, energy and money to locate their business in Rahway. They’ve recognized positive changes downtown and want to be a vital contributor to that change. That’s what attracted Dreena Whitfield-Brown to re-locate her public relations agency

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Travel Skate Shop

SID Spotlight Travel Skate Shop 43 E. Cherry St | 908-787-2835 One of the best ways to ensure the success of a small business is to serve a niche market, providing a specialized service or product, to a focused clientele. Josh Ettinger, owner of The Travel Skate Shop located at 43 E. Cherry St.

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Millie & Joy Boutique

SID Spotlight Millie & Joy Boutique 1361 Franklin St | 917-538-1990 The Chinese philosopher Confusius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. One local resident has the good fortune to be doing just that. Laura Lopez, owner of Millie and Joy Boutique,

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Skaff’s Corner Pharmacy

SID Spotlight Skaff’s Corner Pharmacy 1112 St. George’s Ave Shaped by the Community They Serve 732-381-4144 Anchoring downtown since the 1950’s, Skaff’s Pharmacy had served local residents for over 70 years. When Neha Patel heard that the owner was planning to retire and sell the business in 2012, she and a partner jumped at the

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Pampered Paws

SID Spotlight Pampered Paws 1470 Main Street Grooming Furred Friends with Love 732-943-2123 Creating a profitable owner operated business takes clear vision and dedication, often driven by a personal passion. This is the story of how one local woman took a circuitous route to building a successful downtown Rahway staple. Pampered Paws owner, Karim Policastro,

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Beauty and the Chic

SID Spotlight Beauty and the Chic 84 East Cherry Street @beauty_and_thechic | 908-925-2444 Though known as part of the New York City metro region, Rahway projects a creative small town vibe. That attractive quality motivated salon owner, Chyreise Lambert to re-locate her growing business back to her hometown. Providence opened a door, in 2019, when

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Times of Grace

SID Spotlight Times of Grace 156 East Milton Avenue Creating a Business Out of Art; One of Rahway’s Hidden Gems. | 732-396-1372 Tucked away in plain sight, Times Of Grace has maintained its quiet presence at 156 East Madison Avenue, for the past twelve years. Inside is a beautifully appointed, Zen like private gallery

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Herbs For Life

SID Spotlight Herbs For Life 723 West Grand Avenue Sometimes Life’s Challenges Lead to Opportunity | 732-382-7076 Overcoming obstacles is part of everyone’s life experience. These cousins turned a personal health scare into positive lifelong learning. With the good fortune of a healthy recovery, coupled with the desire to learn how to use the

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West Carpets

SID Spotlight West Carpets 385 St. Georges Avenue Woman Owned, Environmentally Friendly, and Made in the USA. A Local Story. | 732-499-8221 For the past twenty years, Adelle and Pete Westerlund have successfully grown their family business located at 385 St. Georges Avenue. When asked why they chose to move their operation from Linden

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