Firehouse Eatery & Pub​

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Firehouse Eatery & Pub

455 St. Georges Avenue | 732-382-9500

It’s hard to miss the mural on the side of the Firehouse Pub as you travel north on St. Georges Avenue. Asked if there is a story behind the mural, owner’s Lyn and Brendan Keogh said that they want their pub to be known as a comfortable meeting spot for hard working people to relax and enjoy a hearty meal. Likewise, the image serves as an homage to both of their father’s, Brendan’s, who was a fireman in his native Ireland, and Lyn’s, a lifelong supporter of the first responders who dedicate their lives to serve the community.

A cornerstone of the community, Lyn’s father Raymond Falk bought the property back in the 1980’s where it was home to various businesses over the years. She and Brendan took over the property and opened the first Firehouse Pub in 1990, which ironically burned down in 1993. The fire was a major setback but gave them the opportunity to broaden their vision to include the banquet hall, and re-do the kitchen to support the expanded business model.

They measure their success by honoring the contributions of those who work with them, and appreciate that their chef and general manager have been part of the family business for over thirty years. As working owner’s they are part of the day to day operations, so they see potential problems before they occur. This ensures that everyone enjoys the best possible experience extended by this close knit team.

In turn, Rahway has been good to them. During the pandemic the city supported their efforts to keep the business solvent and they are grateful for the customers that helped keep them open. They find that their location and word of mouth is all the marketing they need. Currently, their biggest obstacle is the high cost of food, challenging them to maintain the consistent quality they value for their customers. Drop in sometime to and say hello and enjoy a fine local experience.

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