Who We Are

First established in 2009 under Mayor James J. Kennedy, the Rahway Arts District (its original moniker) was organized to promote and enhance the business, educational, civic and cultural life of the Special Improvement District (SID) of Rahway. For more than a decade, the organization was known as the Rahway Arts & Business Partnership. In July of 2021, the Rahway City Council became the official District Management Corporation for the City of Rahway’s Special Improvement District. Central to the mission of the Rahway SID is to promote the economic well-being of all businesses within the City of Rahway and maintain a strong partnership between arts and business communities.
If you are looking to move into the SID area or if you would like to learn more about the Special Improvement District, please contact us at [email protected].

What We Do

  • Promote, grow and support local businesses, property owners, residents and patrons within the City of Rahway
  • Utilize targeted economic development and marketing initiatives to retain and attract new businesses to the city.
  • Work in conjunction with the City of Rahway and Rahway Redevelopment Agency to enhance the city’s quality of life through programming and development.
  • Create a culturally diverse, vibrant and economically sound community within Rahway.
  • Develop activities and programs that encourage the long­ term success of the arts and business communities.

When We Meet

Monthly reports concerning the Rahway Special Improvement District are submitted to the City Council during its monthly meeting(s) and shall become part of those meetings. Any issues concerning the SID may be discussed at the monthly meeting(s) of the Rahway City Council.  View SID monthly reports and prior meeting minutes.

Mayor’s Advisory Committee

Appointed by mayor and confirmed by the city council. Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, three members will be appointed to one-year terms (including the Chamber of Commerce president or designee) and two members to two- and three-year terms, respectively. View meeting minutes here.

Laura Bellevue

Owner of Residential Property in SID

Herve Gaspard

Owner of Gaspard Arts Academy

Peter Kowal

Owner of Butch Kowal’s Tavern

Heidi Loder-Rosal

Owner of Atelier Rosal & President of the Rahway Chamber of Commerce

Rafael Ortiz

Owner of Academy Glass

SID Ad Hoc Committees

Members are selected by the Rahway City Council without need for appointment to address a specific need only and will be called upon periodically to give advice and recommendations to the city council. Terms run through December 31, 2024. View meeting minutes here.

Business Committee

Jeff Spelman

Owner of The Coffee Box

Michelle McTamney

Financial Advisor at Edward Jones

Dawn White

General Manager of Liberty Harley-Davison

Laura Lopez

Owner of Millie and Joy

Arts & Culture Committee

Armanii Saahd-Tann

Owner of Rahway Dance

Nick Rosal

Owner of Atelier Rosal

Joann Gemenden

Rahway Zoning Board of Adjustment

Deanna Hunt

Executive Director of the Union County Performing Arts Center

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