Stas’ Deli

SID Spotlight

Stas’ Deli & Meat Market

426 St. Georges Avenue


Everyone loves a good neighborhood deli, a reliable place to pick up a fresh sandwich, a favorite cheese, or a hard to find delicacy. Stas’ Deli has been a trusted source for specialty meats and sweets reminiscent of Old World recipes for over 30 years. As a young man Stas Samul immigrated to America from Poland, and landed in Greenpoint, N.Y. where he developed his craft as a butcher and cook. A job brought him to Perth Amboy, and as he settled into life in New Jersey he decided he wanted his own shop. One day while exploring the area, he found a property for rent that had previously housed a deli. Stas and his wife Dorota took the leap and have served Rahway residents ever since.

Drawing on experience and family recipes, Stas makes his own fresh kielbasa, blood sausage, freshly made stuffed cabbage, pierogis and home baked Polish cookies, all reminders of grandmother’s table.
A family run operation, extended members work in the kitchen, man the counter, and take care of anything that needs doing. Their daughter grew up there and remembers standing on a five gallon bucket to ring up customers. Everyone pitches in during the holidays, even those who work other jobs, to keep up with the demand. They have very loyal customers, some travel long distances to restock hard to find items, or ask to have care packages sent to students away at college.

They rely on word of mouth advertising and don’t want to overwhelm the culture of their business by growing too large. Serving an international community they converse in English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Czech and a little Spanish. A true gem, they appreciate all of their customers and are happy when people run into each other, have a chat, catch up on local news and share a few cheerful moments.

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