West Carpets

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West Carpets

385 St. Georges Avenue

Woman Owned, Environmentally Friendly, and Made in the USA. A Local Story.

For the past twenty years, Adelle and Pete Westerlund have successfully grown their family business located at 385 St. Georges Avenue. When asked why they chose to move their operation from Linden to Rahway in 2002, business owner Adelle said without hesitation “Location!” Strategically located, West Carpets serves clientele from all points of the compass, from Jersey City and Staten Island, to southern shore points.

Early in their careers Pete was a flooring installer and Adelle worked in retail. While dating, they both realized they shared the dream of owning their own business. An opportunity arose and by pooling their individual talents and resources, they took the leap and opened up for business. By cultivating trust and superior customer service, Adelle learned that one of their most valuable assets for marketing is positive word of mouth endorsements by satisfied customers. They know many of their clients by name and believe that honest, personalized service offers a unique benefit, not always found in today’s competitive markets. Building solid relationships naturally encourages return and multi-generational customers.

While still satisfying residential customers, as company president, Adelle led the store from being a small flooring shop, to a thriving company that provides flooring solutions for international clients as well, such as Merck, Newark International Airport and local municipalities. With almost forty years of installation experience, Pete oversees each job, expertly installed by eight veteran employees whose workmanship ensures aesthetically pleasing, and long lasting results. By committing to responsibly serve their community, they offer quality and environmentally friendly products, many made in the USA.

Such a long history is not without its ups and downs. In the early nineties as big box stores claimed their share of area dollars, they watched local competitors close up shop. They survived the housing crash of 2008, and are still coming out of the recent Covid -19 pandemic. Currently, supply chain issues and the rising costs of doing day to day business present new challenges. To survive such obstacles, they take advantage of available business support organizations by qualifying for certification as a Registered Public Works Contractor and becoming an official Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE). Listing their business as a NJ State Flooring Vendor and a Small Business Enterprise, has given them valuable exposure far beyond a walk in shop.

Noticing a recent uptick in the smaller, independently owned business model, they look forward to continuing their long tradition of serving the greater Rahway community as a small, independently operated flooring store offering big store solutions.

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