Social Media & Branding Program


Eligible Special Improvement District businesses can apply for an opportunity to work with a social media and branding specialist to improve their current promotion practices.

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Program Will Include:


  • Social Media Management: strategy development, content creation, community engagement, and account management.
  • Mentoring: monthly meetings to assess progress and help to develop social media skills and strategy.
  • Branding: comprehensive analysis of current practices and development of a branding plan.


The City of Rahway, in conjunction with the Rahway Special Improvement District, is sponsoring a Social Media and Branding Program to help businesses improve their current promotional practices while learning during the process. The program will be awarded to three businesses who will receive social media services, social media training and mentoring, as well as a strategic branding analysis and plan over a six month period. Services will be carried out by a social media and branding specialist and funded by the City of Rahway. This program holds a value of $8,000 and includes:

  • Social media management will include strategy development, content creation, community engagement, and account management done by a professional.
  • Mentoring will include monthly meetings with a social media and branding specialist as well as evaluation of monthly progress through assigned tasks.
  • Branding will include a comprehensive analysis of current practices and the development of a branding plan to be implemented at the business owner’s discretion and readiness.

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Eligible Applicants


The Social Media and Branding Program will be open to all current brick and mortar businesses in the City of Rahway and all new business as defined below that will begin operation in the City of Rahway that are:

  • Considered a small business by the US Small Business Administration Standards,
  • Registered business with the State of New Jersey and can provide a New Jersey Business Registration Certificate,
  • An approved use in the City of Rahway,
  • Conducting more than 50% of their business within a brick-and-mortar location in the City of Rahway
  • Not a chain or franchise.

Candidates for the grant shall be evaluated and scored on a forty point scale based on the following criteria:

  • Clearly stated goals that can be aided through improved social media marketing and branding
  • Ability to identify “brand” or messaging they want to convey to customers or clients
  • Basic social media understanding
  • Ability to identify a capable individual who will take over social media responsibilities at the conclusion of the program
  • Willingness to facilitate content creation sessions by providing access to business, staff, and products/services
  • Ability to commit to monthly meetings and regular communication
  • Current issues do not present insurmountable challenges

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Terms & Conditions


If selected for the program, businesses must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Must maintain operational status as a Rahway SID business for two years after the completion of the program
  • Must register with the City of Rahway’s Purchase Order system
  • Must agree to the City of Rahway sharing the process of the program through a combination of media and social media deliverables
  • Must complete monthly tasks including taking photos, drafting posts, and attending mentoring meetings
  • Must respond to phone calls and emails within two business days and to text messages within twenty-four hours


Applications for the program will open on March 25th and the deadline for submissions will be April 12th. Finalists for the grant will be asked to come in for interviews to further assess commitment to the program, and have the ability to better engage the local community through implementation of this program. The three most qualified businesses, based on scoring, will be notified by April 22nd. The application is available below. If you have any questions you can email [email protected].

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To Apply

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