Taste of Spring 2018 -“Hang on to that fork!”

On April 12th, Rahway’s Taste of Spring is ready to “Reuse, Reduce and Recycle”! This annual event features over 70 stations of food, wine, boutique beer, aperitifs and desserts. “We have seen the event grow every year and while we enjoy the growth, it also means it generates more refuse.” commented Amy Garcia Phillips. “This year we are trying to combat that with three simple initiatives.” 

Garnering the help of JoAnn Gemenden from Union County, the Taste of Spring Committee, will be providing each ticket holder a reusable utensil that is a spoon, fork and knife, all rolled into one. Patrons are encouraged to hang on to it and use it throughout the night, instead of using and tossing individual utensils for each food station. 

At the drink stations, Shoprite of Clark donated small paper tasting cups to replace the plastic ones from past years. By using products that are biodegradable, the impact of this event will put less of a strain on our environment. “We are also encouraging all vendors to use more environmentally friendly products. Those who do will be noted by a small sign at their table. “ said Ann Marie Williams. 

All vendors and patrons are encouraged to use the recycling bin that will be provided by Union County. “We are trying to reduce the waste but also encourage patrons of this event to think differently about their actions.” said JoAnn Gemenden.