Latin Stroll

We’re excited to welcome one of NJ Salsa’s most talked about events to Rahway: “The Latin Stroll!”

The Latin Stroll begins with live music from salsa band K’ndela at the Rahway Recreation Center, 3 City Hall Plaza, Rahway, NJ! Parking is available in the City Hall, Rec Center, and Library parking lot.

Weather permitting, we gather outdoors to kick things off!

After an hour of dancing to live music, we walk to the first venue where we spend 2 hours! Here we bring out a live performance, this year it will be Legacy Dance Company! We then follow that up with a social dance competition! Want to compete!? There’s no cost! We choose 4 couples who want to participate in a fun competition that includes some dope prizes! Full crowd participation as they choose the winners!

After some dancing in the first venue, we walk to our second venue where we enjoy two more hours of dancing, socializing, partying, along with some food and drink specials exclusive to the participants in our stroll!

We then walk to our third venue where we continue our adventure before closing out the stroll!

One of the fun things about this event is that we’re constantly on the move! We love to keep people in suspense so we don’t disclose the venues before the event! Everyone who buys a ticket is put into a Whatsapp group chat to better communicate where we’re at, at any given time, and where we are going to next! If you park walking distance from our first location, The Rahway Recreation Center, 3 City Hall Plaza, Rahway, you will be in walking distance from all the locations of our stroll! We’ll keep all ticket holders posted on where we are at through Whatsapp group chat!

Whatsapp is a free downloadable app available for Apple & Android phones. If for some reason you cannot use Whatsapp, send us an email at [email protected] prior to the event and we will provide an agenda on the day of the event…otherwise, let the comradery begin!

This is a truly unique experience, different from any of our other events!!!