Munch Madness

March 1, 2021 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Participating Establishments
Rahway Arts + Business Partnership
Munch Madness @ Participating Establishments

Rahway, NJ  —Mention the month of March to any sports fan and visions of basketballs start to dance in their heads! Throughout the month of March, the NCAA hosts a month long tournament for their Division I basketball teams during what is commonly known as March Madness. This year Rahway has added to the excitement with their own twist: Munch Madness! 


Here is how it works. Between March 1st and April 5th, patrons visit any one of the five participating Rahway establishments: Butch Kowals Tavern (950 St. George’s Ave.); CubaNu Restaurant and Lounge (1467 Main Street); Firehouse Eatery and Pub (455 St. Georges Ave.); The World Famous Waiting Room (66 E. Cherry St.); and the Watt Hotel Lounge (1403 Irving St.) 


Spend $20 or more and receive a Munch Madness ticket. The ticket has a number from 1-68. On March 14th, the NCAA announces the teams in the tournament. On March 15th, an NCAA Division I Mens team will be assigned to each number. The teams’ corresponding numbers will be listed at Root for your team to make it to the Final Four, and if they are crowned champions of the tournament, the 20 winning ticket holders will also win and receive a $50 gift certificate to their favorite participating Rahway business! 


The good news is you can visit your favorite place or try someplace new as much as you want and collect an additional ticket each time you spend $20 or more. If you have a winning ticket, send a photo of you and  your ticket, along with your contact information to [email protected] – Subject line: Munch Madness 2021 during the week of April 5-11. Winners will be announced April 16.

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